Things we can do to help

We will gladly consider doing whatever little jobs you have in mind. Please just contact us to ask. The list below may help you think of the various things that you need to organise that we can take care of for you. If you think of anything else, please let us know as we could probably help with that, too!

  • Setting out table arrangements, place names, etc
  • Delivery of items to groom, parents, best man, venue
  • Collection of suits and dresses before the wedding and returning them afterwards
  • Delivery and collection of corkage-basis wine to venue
  • Assisting with relocation of cars (you go in a nice wedding car, but how are you getting home the next day?)
  • Organising and collecting table decorations
  • Decorating, bunting, displays, etc.
  • Bringing the gifts for the speeches, and handing them to you at the right time
  • Setting up the church or venue, laying out order of ceremonies, etc
  • Organising transport (coach) for your guests to and from venue
  • Meet and greet at an airport or train station
  • Collecting gifts and delivering them to you after the event
  • Delivering honeymoon luggage to you at end of evening or at airport
  • Setting up systems (projector and screen, wii games system for kids)
  • Anything else you need to organise!

Contact us

Contact us with any job you need done: before, during or after your big day