Why should I pay for someone to do stuff for me on my wedding day?

You will have many well-meaning relatives who will gladly help, and this is fine. This might mean, however, that they can't enjoy a drink, or they cannot be with you at certain key times, or they might find the extra tasks stressful. We feel that it is best to get someone unconnected to the wedding to do the jobs you need done reliably and professionally so that your guests can be just guests and not your staff.

How far will you drive?

There is no limit to this. We have driven all over Europe delivering things that were too fragile to fly (including pets!). Please just let us know what's involved.

Can you collect people?

As we are not licensed for private hire (taxi) work, we cannot drive you or your guests around. We can, however, organise and co-ordinate a coach, minibus or taxis for you. Just let us know what you need.

Can we just pay you for the day and ask you to do things as and when they come up?

Yes, no problem. We're happy to be on "standby" for you and your guests. The rate of £25 per hour is, we believe, quite a small price to pay to have someone waiting quietly to do the last minute things that come up.

How many people can we hire from you?

It's £25 per hour per person, so if you have lots of tasks that need doing at the same time or need more than one person to do them, then we can provide as many people as necessary. Just let us know what you need done, and we will work out the best, cheapest way for it to be done for you.

What do you wear when working for us?

We will ask you for your preference on this, especially if we are going to be in view of your guests. We are happy to be in formal clothing, or indeed something more casual if you want us to blend more into the background.

Will you visit us to discuss things in person?

Yes, if you would like us to do this, we can visit you. We normally do this for free. We will definitely call you by phone either way to discuss and confirm any details that we are not sure about.